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Thank you for your interest in submitting your agency to be added to our extensive MIP Agent Database. Merc Property is committed to providing our clients with the very best service within the industry and always seeking experienced residential and commercial Real Estate Agents to assist us.

In order for us to process your request we ask that you provide us with your information by completing the request form. Once you have completed the form, your submission will be reviewed by our Agent Review Committee for approval. Please note we DO NOT require any in depth details about your agency and ask that you refrain from sending generic marketing material.

Aside from the provision of full marketing proposals, you may be called upon to assist with tasks such as adult occupancy checks, kerbside appraisals, field calls and securing property at evictions/vacant possession. Please confirm within the request form should you be unwilling or unable to assist with any of these tasks.

Upon receipt of your information we will review and arrange for your addition to our database. We will contact you to discuss should we require your assistance or further information.