The original online system, MERCStream, was formulated specifically for the mortgagee in possession process. It is unique and has been custom built by Merc to be a state of the art information warehouse, communication tool and reporting tool.

MERCStream was built first and foremost to manage the processes, procedures, panels, databases and templates of our business together with their variations between Lenders, Solicitors, Mortgage Insurers and states. MERCStream has enabled file operators to manage a single file for a significant period of its process and still be cognizant of all the issues, compliance obligations and procedure. Merc owns the intellectual property, which is a key feature that sets us apart from our competition.

Our server is housed in a secure, data replicated, Australian cloud environment with high speed connections ensuring there is no drop in performance even during high traffic periods. Being web based allows 24/7 availability and many simultaneous connections and access via a Windows, Apple, Linux and even Android based phones and tablets.

MERCStream also has integration into Google Maps. The user is only 1 click away from viewing the Street View image as well as a birds-eye-view of the property on a map of the region. This can also be set by user preferences to see a basic map, an

aerial image or a combination of both, giving a high level of detail of the local area.

With live data being presented to the Client as it is received by Merc, it is easy to check the current status on each individual file. Whether you need the current valuation or wish to check an auction date, all the information is accessible through the easy to use, intuitive and secure interface. We can provide any requested report based on the Mortgagee in Possession process, such as quarterly performance reports or weekly possession/auction reports. To enable viewing of property photos, a slide show option exists. The accounts tab permits Clients to view expenditure to date, what quotes have been approved and what has been invoiced.

Key Features

Customer Support

With dedicated IT support staff on-site, we can attend swiftly to any support request


With security measures on par with major lending institutions, you can be assured your data is safe and secure

Available 24/7

With 24/7 availability and a 99.9% uptime guarantee, you can access MERCStream Anytime. Anywhere

Backup & Disaster Recovery

With real-time data replication, offsite backups & robust disaster recovery procedures in place, we are well equipped to keep business as usual, in every scenario

Google Maps Integration

Quickly locate the subject property with the click of a button using Google Maps

File Tracking

Step by step milestones to assist Clients and third parties in understanding the process and where it is up to.

Photo Galleries

You can access all of the photos on a file in one place with the click of a button. Everything from Drive By to pre-settlement lawn mowing

Unlimited Users

With administrator access you can create unlimited user accounts and even restrict user access to certain files.

and more...

MERCStream has built-in reports that can be run in real-time. Upcoming Auctions, Auction Results, SLA and KPI reports etc. Or we can tailor and create reports to match your requirements

With the level of detail we capture in our database, the possibilities are endless. Want to know the average pool cleaning price in regional NSW for a given year? we can drill down to that fine a detail.
You contact any one of the Merc team from within MERCStream. With Microsoft Exchange integration we can be notified imediately with all correspondence noted and time stamped withing the file.
With more than $1.5million already spent on development and further significant spend each year, MERCStream has been built from the ground up.

The luxury we have with building our own product is we can built it to suit our requirements. We have processes built-in for every state and territory requirement for every step in the process. We can also tailor it to your specific needs and requirements.