Results for every stage, everywhere, every time

We strongly believe that by utilising our services and systems, you will receive a greater financial outcome, spend less time communicating with beneficiaries and spend less time on the files themselves.

Our Services


Serve legal documents on owner/occupants of the property
Management of borrower led sales while liaising with the client
Kerbside valuations, Field calls, Occupancy Checks, Drive-by appraisals
Valuation Reports

Possession of Property

Merc will recommend who they consider being the most appropriate real estate agent to represent the client
Merc will co-ordinate legal possession of the property via;

  • Vacant Possession
  • Voluntary Surrender
  • Eviction
  • Tenanted Possession
Where required, Merc will co-ordinate with the Sheriff to take legal possession of the property
Erect trespass notices and ensure that the property has had locks changed and is secure

Post Possession

Compile full comprehensive market proposal to accompany valuation. Upon request Merc can collate multiple market proposals for the client
Reports are verified and checked by Merc prior to being forwarded to the client with our recommendations including property specific information such as: location, improvements, comparative sales evidence, value range, maintenance required, most appropriate method of sale, full advertising schedule and photographs
Merc oversees all necessary maintenance works, and state specific compliance requirements to ensure the property is appropriately prepared for sale
Our dedicated accounts department will manage any invoices received
Regular progress reports will be made available throughout the entire process
Merc will provide recommendations for either auction reserve or advertised sale price of property
Regulation compliant marketing reports will be available during and after the marketing campaign

Post Marketing / Settlement

Oversee exchange or completion of Contracts of Sale
Ensure the property remains maintained up until successful settlement
Merc retains closed files within our secure 128 bit encrypted online archives for access at any time
The whole process can be managed entirely through MERCStream, with all communication able to generated and stored therein

Property Recovery Expertise

Utilizing the professional knowledge and expertise of our team, Merc provides meaningful and reliable recommendations rather than being simply a purveyor of information.

Management and staff recognize that we have a Duty of Care to our Clients and their borrowers. We take every step necessary and consider a wide range of information prior to making decisions and recommendations. With this Duty of Care in mind, Merc aims to act with integrity, morality and professionalism in every action.

Mortgagee In Possession Requirements

We have a thorough working knowledge of all Mortgagee in Possession requirements including:

  • Minimum advertising periods
  • Advertising wording
  • Sale type expectations, ie auction, tender, private treaty etc
  • Documentation including records of marketing, appraisals, quotes etc
Merc and its team have recognized relationships with the Financial Services Ombudsman, and Real Estate Industry bodies around Australia. As recognized leaders in our field, these bodies are prepared to work with us to develop regulations and the requirements of the industry. We also have good working relationships with Mortgage Insurers and understand their expectations.

State Legislation

We keep up to date with all individual state and territory requirements including:

  • Sale legislation
  • Tenancy legislation
  • Building legislation
  • Pool fencing and safety legislation
  • Smoke alarm legislation
  • RCD legislation

Difficult Properties

Merc has extensive experience in building works management ranging from correction of structural issues to complete re-builds and completion of incomplete developments. Our staff has the knowledge and skill to recommend and oversee appropriate works to ensure that the most financially sound decision is made and that all works are carried out in accordance with all legislative requirements and best practice.
We have also dealt with many “unusual” circumstances and believe we are the best when it comes to handling difficult issues.

Abandoned Goods

We have had wide-ranging involvement in the management of abandoned goods and employs experienced staff in this area. It can be said that Merc developed the processes that are now considered best practice within the industry. Our understanding of the hazards and risks pertaining to the mismanagement of chattels ensures that we take particular care in this sector of the MIP process and we strive to provide cautious and informed recommendations regarding the same.


We are experienced with, and understand the requirements for dealing with abandoned animals including:

  • Livestock
  • Domestic pets
  • Feral animals

Key Features

  • Internet-based system that can allow beneficiaries access to the process, market feedback and the like anywhere there is an internet connection, as it occurs.
  • A substantial national database of agents
  • A substantial national database of Valuers
  • Full photographic library
  • Chattels tab to monitor chattels that may require selling
  • Access to trades, engineer, builders, and consultants nationally
  • Leveraged ‘buying’ power due to file numbers around the country
  • Systems that measure agent’s service and result levels to maximise returns
  • Knowledge of property processes, laws and obligations nationally
  • A national network of property-related solicitors
  • Selection of agents based on past performance and applicability for the job rather than the procedure
  • Process management systems to minimise time delays and permits clients to spend less time on the file generally
  • Full recommendations from property experts to assist in commercial understanding and acceptance of the same by beneficiaries etc.
  • Recommendations around works to be done or not to be done based on economic / time rationales.
  • Strong management systems around agents performance, their feedback, the accuracy of the information and timely supply of same.
  • A full cost centre that runs an automatic tally of expenditure
  • Step by step milestones to assist Clients and third parties in understanding the process and where it is up to.
  • Recommendations around reserves and offers
  • Merc attending or being on the phone for auctions, be they weekend, night or mid-week during the day.
  • Merc will assist in the negotiating process, and all are visible to those that have access
  • Library of all communication, documentation, reports held in secure ‘on-line’ environment.
  • The system has the same level of online security as the Banks
  • Ability to generate reports on almost anything to do with the process
  • A commitment to benchmark servicing, transparency and integrity